Aestiva HTML/OS

Aestiva HTML/OS is a powerful array-based web programming language which: runs on nearly any platform, has a high level of built-in security, has a very fast database engine, has powerful, elegant and fast array handling, and is quick-to-market and easy to maintain and modify.

There are customers who have selected this programming language for sensitive applications solely because of the security-by-default features.

TelState offers you a high level of expertise in HTML/OS for updating your existing or creating new sites. We have created numerous applications written in HTML/OS, including application to file tax returns online, conversion of scanned checks to online access (bank), purchase order system, online courses, extranets/internets, HR training, reservation system, specialized shopping carts, product selectors.

If you have an existing HTML/OS application that you would like enhanced or if you would like to discuss a new application, please contact us.