Custom Web Applications

A custom web application may be the best choice if you are not able to locate a pre-built module or application that satisfies your need. Some of the advantages of having Telstate write a custom program for you:

  • You may have a competitive advantage because you have an application that is unique to your company
  • You control exactly what it does and what it looks like.
  • You control all future enhancements – what and when.
  • You can create custom interfaces to legacy databases or products

The primary disadvantage of a custom web application is that the initial cost is higher. You are paying for the entire development (instead of taking advantage of the cost being spread across many users). There’s another “con” for custom programming, but it applies to pre-built or off-the-shelf (OTS) applications as well (especially those created by lesser known companies/programmers) – problems that can arise when programs are not well written, including bugs and security holes. Of course, when using mass produced programs, you are at the mercy of the software company to fix any problems, while you have control over your custom programs.

A custom web application can be as simple as a basic product selector, or as complex as an online tax return site.

TelState can offer you over a decade of experience programming custom applications. TelState’s first custom web application was written in 1998. It was an elegant routine to build custom power supplies, using chassis and module specs, configuration rules and pricing to create the best custom solution from over a million possibilities. Since then, some of our custom programming have included:

  • Product selectors (power supplies, modular power supplies, fans, motors)
  • Quotation builder
  • Intranet training application (for employees and distributors)
  • Online court mandated courses with testing and certificate of completion
  • Online tax return service including bundling data for secure transmittal to IRS
  • Vendor extranet for acceptance of purchase orders, two-way communication between web & in-house Oracle system
  • Intranet HR training module tracking, online courses, training monitoring, with interface to security badge creation
  • Web API for in-house order system to send/receive orders to web ordering system/database
  • Product database with search/results
  • University medical dept referral system with automated referrals and tracking, secure patient documents upload
  • Online custom clinic patient system
  • Various custom shopping carts with PCI compliance ( CIM, SIM and AIM)
  • Dynamic pages (search/results/detail) from web databases (MySql, Filemaker, Aestiva HTML/OS, Microsoft SQL Server,)
  • Customer portals
  • Custom CMS
  • Web site Backrooms for update of product database and site assets